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April to July 2008


You’re probably tired of hearing about it already, but there are still four months to go.  Beyond the parties and punditry are a lot of questions Christians should be asking and seeking good answers to, especially American Christians steeped in an election year.

The Artist & the Toothpaste

What is happening to the world when a teen-ager confuses a reference to a renowned Baroque painter with a widely available brand of dentifrice?  This issue will look at the relationship between contemporary popular culture and what came before.

Fame & Fortune

It’s easy to look at Britney and decry the destructive power of fame and money, but what about Bono?  And how many of us daydream about winning the lottery or becoming independently wealthy so we can give it all away?  And yet, most people find themselves stuck, by choice or by circumstance, in a more moderate income bracket.  On fame and fortune, scarcity and abundance, ambition and contentment.

Ideas Have Legs

The Nazi worldview was one of the past century’s most striking examples of a set of ideals that sprouted legs and trampled over half the world, leaving behind unparalleled devastation.  Though Hitler represents an extreme example, worldviews have significantly shaped movements throughout history and around the world.  What do we see when we take a critical look at the past, present and future?

Draw Me a Story

In many academic institutions, graphic novels are emerging as a rich medium for study.  Fortunately, creative storytellers have not been so slow on the uptake and there’s a treasure trove of works already available.  This issue will explore the form of the graphic novel for beginners and fans alike.

Keeping House

According to Wendell Berry, home economics is defined as “the ways of human housekeeping, the ways by which the human household is situated within the household of nature.”  From the time we’re children, we act out our instinct for keeping house and as we do, our decisions can affirm or betray what we confess to be our deepest values.

Things I Keep

Move after move, we pack them into boxes and then unpack them into places they’ll stay until the next time we uproot for a new place.  What are some of the stories behind the sentimental objects that follow us from house to house, state to state, country to country?