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catapult magazine


January to April 2005

I'm Sorry

Repentance and forgiveness are elusive parts of our relationships with others, with God and with the communities that claim us.? This issue will explore characteristics and experiences of regret.

Be Afraid

Some would say we live in a unique time of terrorism. Others would say the same old sins are just taking different forms. How can we approach our fears with wisdom and trust? What distinguishes healthy fear from destructive fear?

Of Necessity

A critical look at how we distinguish needs from wants and what role both categories play in the obedient life.


As a place of relaxation and gathering, coffeeshops hold an unusual power to stimulate the imagination. This issue presents a collection of musings relating to or written in one of our greatest cultural institutions.

Three Squares

We do it three times a day, sometimes more. What does it mean to eat and cultivate food systems obediently?

The Asterisk Awards

The second annual Asterisk Awards issue will give our readers a chance to nominate great cultural works and events of 2004, not just according to likes and dislikes, but we want to know--what changed you?