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January to April 2011

Good Books

Spring Cleaning

Snow melts and the leaves that piled up in the corners reveal themselves.  Eagerness for summer boils over into a closet cleansing.  Is a clean house a prerequisite for or an impediment to hospitality?  To peace of mind?  On the ways in which cleaning leaves us weary or satisfied, annoyed or at ease.    

From Dust, To Dust

Lent is a time of remembering, among other things, how short and insignificant our lives are.  Some of us need frequent reminders that put us in our places, while others seem to live in the darkness of Lent all year round, constantly aware of their own flaws.  What’s good (or not) about self-esteem?     

If Only...

When it comes to discussions about the future, how many of our sentences begin with the word “if”?  Money, internal motivation, the right job, a past regret and other things can limit our sense of what’s possible.  How can we deal with that which seems to hold us back?    

Words on a Page

Reading is an activity conducive to being snowed in or sunning by the lakeside or riding the train for the morning commute.  What other activity (besides perhaps listening to music or napping) is so widely and wonderfully applicable?  Reflections on reading and favorite books.

Diversity in Christian Schools

Staying In

In some parts of the world, the gray and cold of winter inspires a need to escape emotionally, physically and otherwise. What does it look like to stick it out through all seasons and to stick it out well? In what ways is winter nourishing and necessary?

Ten Things 4

Our annual feast of lists on a wide range of topics, spanning the past year, the past ten years or a lifetime of learning and being.