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catapult magazine


July to October 2005

School of Dress

For many students, the first day of school comes with pressure to find the perfect outfit. How can mass media influence clothing choice? How can Kingdom values influence clothing choice?

Let's Get Together 3

Inaugurating the fourth year of catapult magazine issues with another focus on community. What does true community look like and how do we participate in its cultivation?

One Flesh

Summer schedules usually include at least one wedding or anniversary party, hence issue of musings on marriage.

Passing Judgment

We authorize our legal systems to render official judgments of guilt and innocence, but the nature of judgment is much different in our everyday relationships. What is the relationship between love and judgment?

Mind, Body & Soul

Much like understanding the qualities of God in three distinct persons, we sometimes separate ourselves into three persons attempting to better understand our human experience. How do we balance the health of mind, body & soul?