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October to January 2007

I Do Love My Family

Oh, the holidays—a time when love abounds and tempers flare.  Spending extended periods of time with our families can help us understand who we are now, revert us to children, inspire immense gratitude and create loads of stress…sometimes all at once.  Stories of change, reconciliation, discovery and joy.

Art House

Art finds its way into our lives and homes with regularity—from a child’s drawing to the painting that “ties the room together,” from our dabblings in candlemaking to dedicated studios.  And for a few of us, art is a full-time calling that takes us on a journey to imaginative mental and physical places as we create.

Hope and Cynicism

The temptation is strong, as we navigate daily through a broken world, to submit to the despair of cynicism.  And yet we know hope is valid and necessary.  So how do we maintain hope without closing ourselves off to reality?  How do we entertain essential critique without becoming immobilized by powerlessness?

Good Gifts

It’s something most of us think about this time of year—if we haven’t been pondering already for weeks.  Though tangible and intangible gifts surround us all year round, autumn seems like a good time to give some special consideration as we prepare to give thanks and express our gratitude through the exchange of presents.


Whether we name it or not, our actions fundamentally emerge from a worldview, a way of understanding who we are and what our responsibility is in the world.  The values that compose a worldview can come from many sources, can be absorbed intentionally or unintentionally, can lead to service or destruction.

Dressing Up

Some of the most significant events and religiously observed celebrations in our lives involve putting on special clothes—from dresses to costumes, family heirlooms to handmade suits.  This issue will explore stories and themes that are interwoven with getting all gussied up for a purpose.

Autumn, and Then Winter

The weather may not be showing it yet, but the northern hemisphere is moving into the fall season and then into winter.  This issue will include perspectives from a range of life stages on watching others grow older, growing older ourselves and being caregivers to those in the winter of life.