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catapult magazine


January to April 2004

Building a Home

All of us take on this figurative project; some of us take on the literal project. An exploration of the tangibles and intangibles of building a home.

Afraid of the Dark

Fear can function as both a limitation and a guide in our lives. How do we deal with fear, both within ourselves and within our culture?


A word loaded with meaning summons different images for everyone, both positive and negative. What are the nuances of discipline in our lives and what is its proper function?

Two to Tango

While Western culture is perceived by the world to have an overt obsession with sex, honest discussion on the topic still scares most of us. An exploration of sexual issues facing communities, couples and individuals.

The Right War

In a post 9/11 world, how do we approach issues of war and human rights? Is there such a thing as a just war? Is pacifism effective? How do we protect individual citizens from oppression in the middle of large-scale political negotiations?

The Asterisk Awards: catapult

Well, if no one else will give us an award for excellence, we'll create one for ourselves. This issue will feature our members' favorite work from catapult, along with a catapult FAQ.

The Asterisk Awards: Culture

The inaugaral culture awards issue will give our readers a chance to nominate great cultural works and events of 2003, not just according to likes and dislikes, but we want to know--what changed you?