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catapult magazine


July to October 2008

Serving the academically-talented student

Family Planning

We call it “family planning,” even though much of what happens in starting and cultivating a family could rightly be called a surprise, pleasant or otherwise.  On the principles and experiences of such efforts.

Let's Get Together 6

Celebrating six years of publishing catapult magazine with our annual issue on the gift of community. The image in the issue banner is a photograph taken by Neil E. Das at the Light Project (St. Louis, MO). The pictured installation is Chorus by Sebastian Hungerer and Rainer Kehres.

Building in the Kingdom

Our houses are places where many of our deepest values become incarnate in wood and glass and brick and stone.  What does a house faithfully built look like?  What are our limitations?

On Topic

From mild interest to obsession, certain topics claim a portion of our attention.  What draws us to certain subjects, as individuals and as communities?  In what ways do we respond to that draw?