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catapult magazine


October to January 2004

Friends & Family

We often hear people say during the holidays that the greatest gift of all is having the family together for Christmas. Why are family relationships so important and how do they relate to friendship?


Tis the season to do what we?ve done a dozen times before. How can our traditions reinforce a deeper meaning?

To:_____, From:______

It?s better to give than to receive, but don?t look a gifthorse in the mouth. Fortunately, gifts and giving are so much more than our cultural expressions convey. An exploration of the theme of gifts.

Odd One Out

For various reasons, people find themselves at the fringes of communities?of churches, of towns, of countries and even of global society. Who are these people and how can we attend to them? What is life like when we ourselves are outsiders?

My Hometown

It?s where we spent our formative years, where we put down roots as young adults, where we claim our identity in connection with place. Reflections on towns and cities as ?home.?

A More Perfect Union

Is the capitalist democracy working or are we on our way to self-destruction? On the nature and challenges of living faithfully in North America.

In Process 2

Each day, each life can be seen as a series of small journeys. What are the steps we take in the various processes of our lives and why are they important to us?