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catapult magazine


July to October 2007

Let's Get Together 5

Celebrating five years of bi-weekly online publishing with another look at the multitude of ways in which we receive and proliferate the gift of community.


There are stories that you’ve heard a dozen times or more and even though you may roll your eyes when you hear the opening line yet again, let’s face it: it’s a good story.  Furthermore, you have your own stories that you tell over and over again.  “Each man has his own batch of poems” (Herzog, Saul Bellow).  On the good stories that we’ve read, heard, lived and told.

Getting Even

From the relative who holds grudges for decades to the saintly mentor who lets offenses roll off as easily as water, we all collect first and second hand experiences related to vengeance and forgiveness.  What stories can we tell that show the ability or inability to process injustice in healthy ways?  How do we negotiate offenses as individuals and communities?

Beach Season

Something changes when the weather gets hot.  People emerge from their houses (and clothing) to gather at pools, beaches, open hydrants, lakes and rivers.  On the issues and memories surrounding our summertime habits.