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January to April 2008

Engaging Monasticism

Principles of monasticism are claimed by a spectrum of people—from those who commit to life in a monastery to those who incorporate a rule into their everyday experiences outside of the monastery.  What is the relationship between committing to the contemplative life and being in the world?

Artful Transformation

Reflections during the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week on art and transformation. What is the nature of the effect a piece of art can have on its audience?  What roles to symbol and story play at this time of year?

Tales from the Table

Individual, family, neighborhood, region, country—cultures form around food at a variety of levels.  How does food both separate us from each other and bring us together?

A Field in Winter

In many parts of the world, the land is quiet at this time of year, but not inert.  The soil is preparing for another year of planting and farmers are making plans for another season of crops…a good time to sit back and think about where our food comes from.

Safe and Secure

Much of our lives, from locking our front doors to choosing our neighborhoods to advocating for defense strategy, revolve around minimizing risk and ensuring a safe, predictable existence.  On myths, decisions and hopefulness related to the idea of security.

Ten Things

A conglomeration of lists on a wide range of topics, spanning the past year, the past ten years or a lifetime of learning and being.