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catapult magazine


October to January 2009

Birth Stories

Pain and joy, flesh and spirit—so God was born and so are we. Celebrating the incarnation with stories of birth, of both the literal and figurative kinds.


‘Tis the season for family gatherings. For some of us, these times are comfortable homecomings we anticipate with joy. For others, these times are dreaded obligations filled with misunderstandings and occasional explosions. What contributes to your sense of (dis)harmony in your family?

Best Friends

A dog, a first grade pal, a soul mate encountered last week—best friends come in all shapes, sizes and species. Some of us find them everywhere we go, while others struggle their whole lives to cultivate deep friendships. On the seemingly innate need for a number two.

Out of Control

Changes of season, holidays, birthdays, aging—there are many things we can predict and expect throughout our lives. But what about the things that are beyond our control? How can our mundane routines shape our responses to the things that catch us off guard, for better or worse?


Some of the world’s most powerful movements have been publicly launched with a list of statements. This issue will explore compelling manifestos of the past and the present, and hopefully a collect some new ones as well.

In Kind

Every year in the U.S. and around the world, millions of people volunteer, adding up to billions of dollars’ worth of time. Service creates a form of exchange not based on monetary profit, but on other benefits for individuals and communities. So how do we choose where and when to volunteer?

Trust Fall

Those who grew up in the Christian church could kvetch for hours about goofy exercises and discussions supposedly designed to enhance the teen spiritual journey. What’s good about youth group? What’s not so good? Where do we see imaginative work being done to engage teen-agers in the Church?