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July to October 2003

In Process

Each day, each life can be seen as a series of small journeys. What are the steps we take in the various processes of our lives and why are they important to us?

Let's Get Together 2

A return to where we started: How does our need for community play out in various ways in our lives?

The Seventh Day

The commandments exist not as laws we follow to gain salvation, but as God-given guidelines for how to successfully navigate life on this earth. How can we honor the command to rest in appropriate, life-giving ways?

In Your Dreams

In Christian circles, imagination and fantasy are popular scapegoats and sources of fear. How can we be discerning when it comes to the role of creative, imaginative thought?

Phys. Ed. 2

The relationship between the soul and the body has long been a topic for philosophers and theologians. How can we approach physical health appropriately?