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January to April 2010

Books That All Christian Educators Should Read


It carries the release of confession, finding out someone enjoys the same guilty pleasures you do, whether a reality show, a pop princess or the latest sugary sweet film treat. What is it about popular art that grabs the attention of even the most discerning intellectual palette?

Borders & Fences

Beginning to think about all of the visible and invisible boundaries that surround us can make one feel downright claustrophobic. Is freedom discovered in crossing or obeying boundaries? How do we know when to tear down fences and when to build them?


Those of us who are particularly susceptible to guilt’s maddening power resent those who are impervious—and then promptly feel badly about it. Some use it as a weapon, while some contend it’s ultimately useless. Is guilt always bad? What happens when we experience too much or too little of it?

Do This

Some churches reserve it for special occasions or limit the frequency of its observance in order to maintain its specialness. Other churches define all of their worship services by it, believing the community has not truly come together unless it was around the table. Why communion?

The Theory and Practice of Authentic Christian Education

Bigger Is ...

Even those of us whose financial and vocational lives largely revolve around the efforts of large corporations often express suspicion of those institutions. Is bigger inherently better…or inherently worse? What are prophetic voices saying about the direction of a world steeped in global capitalism?

Ten Things 3

Our annual feast of a conglomeration of lists on a wide range of topics, spanning the past year, the past ten years or a lifetime of learning and being.