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October to January 2011

Tradition 2

While traditions can occur at any time of year, Christmas is a season that focuses this theme.  What particularly meaningful rituals do you observe with family and friends each year, during Christmas or otherwise?  And what about the particularly meaningless ones you perhaps wish would end?

Sensory Experience

Most human beings have five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.  What’s your favorite sense?  Do we privilege one over the others as a society?  What is it like to live without one or more of these ways of experiencing the world?


While one mainline pastor refers to his role as hospice for the church, another proclaims that God is blessing his non-denominational mega-church with growing numbers.  Is the church dying or thriving?  What choices have you made about participating (or not) in a worshipping community?

The Dying of the Light

Unless you live near the earth’s equator, each year takes us into a time of shorter days.  The rhythm of life changes for plants, animals, land and humans.  For some, it’s a welcome season of slowing down, while for others, it’s an occasion to remember grief.  This issue will be a collection of autumn-inspired reflections.

Good Government

November is coming and, while it’s not a big, big year in U.S. elections, it’s still voting season.  And perhaps an off year for a big election is a better time to think critically about what good government looks like for the common good.  Who’s getting it right?


At some point in our development, we become aware that there are insiders and outsiders when it comes to various social contexts -- politics to playgrounds, workplaces to Sunday school.  How we respond to this awareness varies greatly from one person to another.  Where do you stand?

Youth and Faith Development