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April to July 2006

Practicing Resurrection

Witnesses of the ascension were advised to look to the culture around them for next steps, rather than staring into the sky looking after Jesus. What does it mean to live into the resurrection in everyday life?

Culture and Christianity

Across a range of time and places, Christianity has had many different literal and figurative faces. Reflections on the nature of the relationship between Christianity as a faith system and culture as a lived expression of values.

Now What?

Most major transitions are encountered in the course of normal life cycles: graduation, marriage, childbirth. Others are more unusual and unexpected. How do we decide when it's time to change courses and where to go next?

Jubilee 2006

Jubilee is the annual conference of the Coalition for Christian Outreach. This issue will contain a sampling of sessions from the 2006 event.

My Third Place

"Third place" is a term used to describe the places we gather with one another apart from work and home. This issue will take a look at the places where we renew ourselves and experience community.

Creating Capital

The usual "Church-speak" breakdown of resources is "time, talent and treasure." Resources are necessary for any individual, institution and project, but what principles guide the gathering and cultivation of such resources?


Throughout history, the Church has condemned many unruly people as heretics. What is the relationship between heresy and doctrine?