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catapult magazine


October to January 2003

Turning points

In the church year, a time of reflection leads up to a celebration of the magnificent turning point inspired by a small miracle. How do we negotiate our personal transitions, both the every day and the life-changing?


The beginning of a traditionally chaotic season begs the question: what does "simple" living look like and why is it desirable?

Welcome to the

If you're reading this, you're using it. What are some starting points for thinking critically about technology? Are the Luddites lol in their graves?

In Six Days You Shall Labor

Approximately a third of our lives is spent engaged in work. How can we constructively approach the choices we make in the context of work?

Reformers & Reformation

An exploration of the ways in which we are haunted by the ghosts of the original reformers.

A Stranger in a Strange Land

It's nearly impossible to be part of a Christian community and not go on some sort of mission trip at some point. What should be our objectives as we act as ambassadors of Christ in foreign countries?