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October to January 2006

A Toast...

While some faith traditions actively condemn alcohol, others embrace it as part of common cultural experiences.  Wine or grape juice?  How much is too much?  What are the creational norms for alcohol and its consumption?

In the Flesh

An opportunity, as we anticipate celebrating the incarnation of God in human form, to consider the nature of bodies—how we move, experience pleasure, heal, feel pain…

Busy is good

How "busy" is too busy?  Most North Americans seem to struggle with an inability to decide what really matters and focus their time accordingly.  How do we engage the proper rhythms of work and rest?  What happens when we don't?

Just Desserts

Many of our best memories are associated with the sweet treats that come after or between meals.  On the stories, recipes and principles that shape our experiences of desserts.

Measuring Cups

Andrew Bird's song "Measuring Cups" explores the horrors of failing to conform in elementary and middle school.  This issue will look at our own stories and approaches of forming identity in "hostile" environments.

Point A to Point B

For most Americans, getting from here to there involves hopping in the car, burning a little fossil fuel and finding a parking spot.  What issues should Christians be considering in their transportation choices?

Dying, Death, the Dead

As autumn sets in noticeably in many parts of the northern hemisphere, we'll consider the nature of death and the dying process, as well as offering tribute to the now dead whose lives impacted us greatly.