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April to July 2005

Mind, Body & Soul

Much like understanding the qualities of God in three distinct persons, we sometimes separate ourselves into three persons attempting to better understand our human experience. How do we balance the health of mind, body & soul?

Food, Clothing, Shelter

This triad of needs is often what we consider the essential provisions for life.? What is it like to go without one or more of these essentials?? What are the effects of never going without?

Stick Shifts & Safety Belts

Since Eisenhower's efforts in the 1950s, road systems permanently changed the American community.? Seven decades later, Americans are predicted to drive a record number of miles for vacation this summer, in spite of record fuel prices.? A romantic and factual exploration of driving.

Where in the World

Some take the notion of being ?in the world, not of the world? quite literally as they travel the globe to fulfill their lives? purposes.? Others find themselves helping with the transformation of a very familiar culture. On how we connect calling and place.

You Will Be Called Sons & Daughters

Jesus? use of familial terms to describe people who have deeper connections to him than blood illustrate the broad implications of ?family.?? An exploration of adoption and parenting as redemptive acts.

Things of Value

One person?s treasure is another person?s trash: this could be said of both an archive of old magazines in a cluttered living room or a commitment to God in a suffering world.? How do we determine the things, tangible and intangible, that have value to us?

Tuning In

One of the most diverse and ancient art forms is music.? Demonstrating its centrality to human culture, we have car radios, home stereos, live performance outlets in every church and town, and conferences dedicated entirely to exploring its connection to life lived faithfully in God.? So what about faith and music?