catapult magazine

catapult magazine


October to January 2002


Meditations on the divine child who changed the world and the nature of God becoming flesh.

Smart Shopping

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? We hope not, because we have a lot to discuss about the notion that every dollar is a vote. What are you voting for?

Giving Thanks

An exploration of gratitude and the various reasons we have to be thankful as we live abundantly.

The State of Church

Over time, the institution of the church, as well as the relationship of the church to the government, has shifted, strengthened, crumbled, disappeared, revived, suffocated. How can we understand what is and should be regarding the state of church?

Ghost Stories

The Holy Spirit is perhaps the most mysterious, least understood member of the Trinity. As we approach Halloween, how can we better understand our signature Ghost?

The Fall

A stunning season shares its name with the catastrophic disobedience of mankind. How do death and beauty play out in both the season and the event?