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April to July 2012

Fast Food Nation

Many people and cultures throughout history have demonstrated willingness to privilege efficiency over other values like compassion, curiosity, beauty and stewardship. In what areas of our lives today is the “fast food” mentality most prevalent? What could convince us to slow down and savor the moment?


Beverages are an integral part of cultural rituals throughout history and around the world, both in their production and in their consumption.  This issue, best enjoyed with a mug or a glass in your hand, will explore our experiences with various kinds of beverages.

Theme Song

Like music over the opening credits, a song can set the tone for an experience or trigger a latent memory. Sometimes manufactured and sometimes by chance, songs come alongside our stories like old friends, or perhaps like uneasy acquaintances.  On the songs that make us feel something.

Fully Furnished

Whether we have a basement full of old chairs and sofas waiting to be reupholstered or just a stump around the campfire, we all live in relationship to furniture.  Each piece tells a story of personal and cultural history. Gather round this issue, where our contributors will tell some of their favorite furniture stories.

The Good Life

Whether we're ten years old or eighty, we all make choices for ourselves based on a vision of the good life, however articulated or unconscious that vision might be.  What has shaped our visions of the good life, both individually and collectively?


Jesus as a shepherd: it's a common, provocative image that describes what kind of leader he is.  So how do those of us who have our own flocks to tend model (or fail to model) this kind of leadership?  Stories from the perspectives of both the shepherds and the sheep.