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catapult magazine


April to July 2004

Getting Away

On our inclinations (good and bad) to escape, from work and people, reality and God.

Will Work for Pay

Nearly every day, we exchange time for money and money for the things we need (and in some cases, want). How do we make faithful decisions in the context of this process?


"Have we trials and temptations?" Of course we do, sometimes in the form of life obstacles, sometimes in the form of actual tests and quizzes. How can sharing our thoughts and stories, failures and successes help others pass their own tests?

This Wild World

God made creation good. In some ways, God made creation extravagantly good--a wonderful and wild interactive gift. How do we enjoy and care for this gift? How can we cultivate a symbiotic relationship with the plants and animals all around us?

The Word

Writing and reading are essential for all of us, no matter what stage of life we find ourselves in. What are the challenges for those whose vocations deal with the written word? Why is literature important?

What's Beautiful

In a highly visual society, false ideals of beauty can cloud our perspective as we seek the truth and purpose of beauty. What happens when we seek beauty exclusively? What is the appropriate place of beauty in our lives?