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catapult magazine


January to April 2003

Film with a View

Almost all of us watch films, but very few of us are involved in making them. This issue will give a voice to Christians in the industry as well as provide a model for discernment in film.

Commitment: The Meta Issue

If you think *culture is not optional is just a web site, be sure to check out this issue, which will explain the vision behind the web zine. It's much bigger than you thought and we need your help!

It's All Our Business

The scope of our responsibility as Christians extends to all of culture, including the way we do business. How can we apply Christian principles to the free market?

M / F

We are inundated with both healthy and unhealthy images of the male-female relationship. What tools can help us be discerning in this area?

Life Worth Saving

Abortion seems to be the hot button issue for many of us Christians when we approach politics. How can we think more broadly when we talk about being pro-life?

Best Sunday of Your Life

As we are surrounded for ads for the Annual Day of Advertising, there are certain questions we should be asking ourselves. How are we affected by advertising? Is there anything we should be doing to avoid or redeem advertising?

Revolutions & Revolutionaries

Large and small, they are happening all over the place all the time. Where are the shifts taking place and who is leading the charge?