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catapult magazine


October to January 2005

The End

Ringing out the old year with musings on death, leaving and saying all sorts of goodbyes.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Sources of information have sure changed since the heavenly host sang on high. How can we be discerning about information and its sources?

Cards & Letters

Are you a Christmas carder, letterer, procrastinator or disdainer? On the correspondence we?ve received, sent, written and dreamed about.

Global Eyes

So many of the relationships we depend on every day are invisible threads, tying us to real people around the world. How can we nurture these relationships faithfully, even as we enter into a celebration of all for which we are grateful?

Acting Out

An exploration of our motivations as actors, as activists and as human beings responding to the shaping efforts of our pasts.

Objects of Worship

People of many faiths gather once a week for worship. What are the characteristics and objectives of appropriate Christian worship? What is the role of worship outside of the confines of the service?

Heroes and Saints

At certain points on our journeys, people walk beside us in various ways?through their literature, through their calming presence, through their words of truth or provocation, through their mentorship.