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catapult magazine


April to July 2003

Phys. Ed. 1

The relationship between the soul and the body has long been a topic for philosophers and theologians. How can we approach physical health appropriately?

The Real World

How do we balance our expectations with what is or what is meant to be?

The Race Issue

As far as we've come since the Civil Rights movement, we still have a long way to go. What issues are still prevalent today? What constructive efforts are being conducted toward the end of racial harmony?

Higher Ed.

For more and more people, college is becoming the culmination of the formal educational years and has the potential to decisively influence a student's approach to culture. In this sense, what does the best Christian post-secondary education look like?

Going it Alone

Those who endeavor to be self-sufficient join a growing multitude of down-to-earth earth-keepers. How can we get closer to the source of our food and resources and why should this be a concern for Christians?

Music, Sweet Music

Sacred or secular, "music is a world within itself" (thanks, Stevie Wonder). How do we define our daily relationship to this art form and what does our responsibility to engage this medium look like?