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Take an object of negligible value and attach a great-great-grandparent to it and you have an article of infinite value -- in some cases.  On the things we hold dear, and the things that lose their luster between generations.


Sometimes they’re no fun and they hurt someone, but other times they protect us from things that might wound us.  A secret spilled can be a relief or it can be a tragedy.  On secrets kept and shared.


From the latest trend in crafting to the great cathedrals, from hobbies to professional skills—making things with our hands from the stuff of earth is an impulse we humans can’t ignore.  Stories of learning to appreciate our own handiwork and that of others.

Radical gathering

On the relevance of community to September 11


Learning to live on both sides of the river

In The Other Side of the River, Alex Kotlowitz recounts a story that displays the complexities of racial segregation in America today.

Interview with Jim Skillen

Exclusive interview with Jim Skillen regarding issues of church and state.


Church in the New World

We know times are changing, but the question is, how can the church react and respond to those changes?

Radical vision made real

A suburban Chicago church is following a difficult but rewarding path in an effort to bridge racial gaps, give away more money, and conform to the biblical model for church.


Revolution and conversion

As we begin a new year, let's commit to positive change in whatever capacity we are equipped.

Approaching the AIDS emergency

The DATA organization is calling for a world community effort to help solve the devastating problems of African countries.


Jamming the mass media

Kalle Lasn's Culture Jam, while plentiful in justifiable critique, lacks vision for proceeding against the problems of mass media. However, the need for vision is where Christians have a lot to offer.

The intimacy of Vespertine

Bjork's unique album is ideal for winter atmosphere when closeness and introspection are essential.


Che's passion

Despite his flawed methods, one of the most radical 20th century political revolutionaries has a worthwhile lesson for Christians.