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Vol 4, Num 1 :: 2005.01.14 — 2005.01.27


Asterisk Award for Business or Organization 2004

Asterisk Award for Business or Organization in 2004: Calvin Christian School in South Holland, Illinois

From one of our members: ?Calvin Christian School in South Holland made a commitment in their mission statement in 2004 to resist the white flight in the Chicago south suburbs and focus on providing a racially diverse Christian education to all Christians in the South Holland area. They made this commitment in the face of a great deal of discouragement from Christians who are packing up and moving to further suburbs perceived as more safe. This commitment took vision and courage.?

With a majority of *cino?s board members having grown up or lived in the south suburbs of Chicago, we have some idea of the issues that face the area as it grows and changes. Once a stronghold of traditional Dutch Reformed folks, South Holland has a population that?s now over half African American, with only about 10% Dutch remaining. Calvin Christian School?s commitment to serve the South Holland community, even as its historical base of Dutch supporters head south and east into Indiana, is truly admirable.

We don?t doubt that they will face new challenges as they reach out to students from other ethnic backgrounds, but we honor their belief that Christian education is not just a commodity for the European or the wealthy. Quality education at all stages of life is critical if we hope for widely influential Christian engagement of culture and we are grateful that Calvin will be reaching young students of various backgrounds with the message of Christ?s victory over sin and a comprehensive view of the world through the eyes of faith.

Other nominees for 2004:

C.N.: Wonderful World Coffeehouse in Sheboygan does a great job at promoting community and peace. Though I don’t think they necessarily see that as Kingdom work, I certainly do.

J.V.: Compassion International.

J.H.: I’m not sure if a church is an organization, but City Presbyterian in downtown Denver, a young church, started a ministry to prostitutes there. Leanne Downing, wife of the pastor, Rev. Sam Downing, initiated the ministry, despite being a full-time mother, full-time community activist, and, hardest of all, being a pastor’s wife. Read more.

Discussion: Business/Organization 2004

What would you add to the members? responses? What businesses or organizations stood out to you in 2004 as doing Kingdom work?

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