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Vol 4, Num 1 :: 2005.01.14 — 2005.01.27


The Church 2004

Asterisk Award for Christian Cultural Event in 2004: The Cornerstone Festival (Best and Worst).

Describe the best Christian cultural event you attended or participated in last year.

C.N.: This sounds cheesy, but the best Christian cultural event I attended last year was the sunday school kids? Christmas program. When I wasn’t laughing, I was smiling the smile that only Joy, Love and Redemption know.

D.A.: Eating “12 Uvas” in Barcelona at midnight on New Year?s with friends from the Church there.

W.B.: I don’t know if this counts, but we had a thanksgiving dinner in our home that we invited a college student from India to. We had heard that a local public college had some students who needed a place to go. We ended up meeting a medical student in his thirties who has a wife and two children back in India. He went to a mission school growing up and was a Christian. He was grateful for the chance to eat with us, and we were grateful for the reminder that the body of believers is larger than just our little community.

K.V.: The closing session of the Granger Innovative Church Conference. Mark Beeson?s reminder to reach the un-churched of our world brought me back to God?s call on my life.

W.D.: The retreat for my church to a member’s house. We read through the book of James and studied it for three days. Plus, we got to live in close quarters with our fellow Christian brothers and sisters.

K.M.V.: A summer concert at my church that was supposed to take place outdoors, but got moved inside because of rain. The featured reggae band was fantastic and had a crowd of white people on their feet and moving in the most unconscious, joyful ways. Their message of peace and love was tangible.

R.R.: Taiz? worship services at a local retreat center have been helping me understand the importance of silence and meditation.

Describe the worst Christian cultural event you attended or participated in last year.

W.B.: Any of George Bush’s speeches.

D.A.: Service of (theologically altered and anaesthetized) Lessons and Carols in Trinity Church, Copley Square, Boston surrounded by outspokenly active homosexuals.

K.M.V.: It?s a tie between the Community Martin Luther King, Jr. Service and The Cornerstone Festival. While there were very good elements and intentions at each event, both had serious flaws. I?d like to see Cornerstone go further in challenging believers to more thoroughly transformed lifestyles and the MLK service not just make us feel warm and fuzzy about our one interracial event, but honestly challenge all of us to continue striving for Dr. King?s vision of racial equality.

Discussion: The Church 2004

What would you add to the members? responses? What Christian cultural events stood out for you in 2004, good or bad?

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