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Vol 4, Num 1 :: 2005.01.14 — 2005.01.27


Internet & Miscellaneous 2004

What are some of the best websites (besides *cino) on-line that you frequented frequently last year?

*Editor?s Note: It?s apparent that next year, we have to have a category for blogs. For now, it?s a grab bag of sites. Have fun!

Name or describe anything else that you think deserves an Asterisk Award for 2004.

D.A.: Best live baseball game?toss-up between my first time at Fenway seeing Curt Schilling’s first start in Boston as a Red Sock, shutting down the Yankees, AND my first time at Yankee Stadium seeing the Evil Empire (the highest paid sports team in history) suffer their worst defeat in history and the worst shut-out defeat by any team in Major League history 23-0. And Best Home Depot Hot Dog Stand: Queens, NY

J.H.: 12 oz. Americano.

W.B.: If we had some kind of blooper or loser award I would give it to George Bush, for linking Christianity with war, mistreatment of the environment, and marginalization of the poor. Or I might give it to the School board of Illiana Christian High School for encouraging materialism and white flight by attempting for a third time to move the campus away from poorer more racially diverse communities.

J.V.: Hot Tamales. The best candy in the world.

Discussion: Internet 2004

What would you add to the members? responses? What sites stood out for you in 2004? What do you see as some of the future trends on the Internet?

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