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Vol 4, Num 1 :: 2005.01.14 — 2005.01.27


Asterisk away

Happy New Year! We hope you were able to close 2004 with a time of rest and the enjoyment of family and friends. We certainly were grateful for the temporary change of scenery that has allowed us to jump right back into work and friendships with renewed joy and commitment.

Upon arriving home from our holiday vacation, one of the most pressing tasks was getting ready for our annual Asterisk Awards issue, in which our web site members have the opportunity to nominate excellent cultural experiences from 2004. We sent e-mails to all online members with questions in several categories, including film, literature, music, television and Christian cultural events. Respondents also had the opportunity to nominate an individuals or businesses/organizations who are doing model Kingdom work.

The specifics of the Asterisk Award responses are inevitably interesting and diverse, but the various patterns that emerge are noteworthy as well. Some Asterisk-worthy events are annual rituals, while others are those we simply stumble upon in a spare moment or random decision. Some are multi-million dollar, global productions while others are low-budget amateur events. The overall impression that I get from these responses is that we can be hopeful that, even while our culture seems to grow more chaotic and the Church?s response less unified, *cino represents a small, but faithful group of believers who are watching every corner of culture for signs of God?s grace.

And not only are believers watching culture, they?re actively participating in shaping culture for God?s glory! The most difficult categories in which to determine the Asterisk Award winners are the individual and the business or organization that are doing excellent work in cultivating the Kingdom. So many believers have claimed the victory of Christ by declaring a unique calling and working toward thorough personal and communal transformation by the Lord of all of life. Though we only tell a couple of outstanding stories with the Asterisk Awards, it?s the year-round goal of catapult magazine

to tell the stories that signify hope in the struggle to discern and engage culture.

We hope our readers enjoy perusing the nominees and winners for the 2004 awards. Be encouraged to add to the responses by posting your own thoughts on the discussion board. And keep your eyes open as we journey through 2005 for signs of God in popular culture. Happy Asterisking!

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