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Vol 4, Num 1 :: 2005.01.14 — 2005.01.27


Radio 2004

Asterisk Award for Radio in 2004: NPR (National Public Radio)

What radio stations or programs were you grateful for in 2004 and why?

C.N.: I rediscovered NPR again this year. “All Things Considered” and “World Cafe” were so nice.

D.A.: ?The Sean Hannity Show??because it helped keep LURCH out of the White House.

A.S.: I’d always known it was there and wonderful, but 2004 was when I really discovered NPR. Also, until I moved out of range, I loved listening to Live 105’s Saturday night electronica show.

W.B.: There was this amazing “This American Life” show called “Two Steps Back”
that focused on a Chicago Public Schools teacher and a single school that had, during the reform days of Superintendent Paul Vallas, gained significant autonomy and had started doing a bunch of cool and highly successful things?requiring a ton of ungraded writing, doing a lot more team teaching, introducing anecdote based report cards, and so on. Then, under the new administration of Arnie Duncan, a well-intentioned effort to standardize schools, and a principal with a different leadership style, gradually took all that away again. I loved the show because it seemed to me to be a metaphor for how Christians can struggle, and sometimes through grace, start to really make a difference in the world, but then, inevitably, sin and corruption caves it all in and we have to start over.

J.V.: NPR, particularly ?The Splendid Table? and ?This American Life.?

W.D.: John Derringer in the morning on Classic Rock Q107 in Toronto. He’s an anomaly among morning show DJs. He’s actually got a brain. Most of his jokes are outright hilarious.

K.M.V.: NPR. We subscribed to to receive weekly downloads of ?This American Life.? Ira Glass is an incredible storyteller and every program is fantastic. ?This American Life? helps me love God?s creation.

R.R.: NPR, specifically ?This American Life.? Every time I listen to a new episode, I can?t believe how the seemingly simple act of good storytelling can be so powerful.

Discussion: Radio 2004

What would you add to the members? responses? What radio programs or stations stood out for you in 2004? What?s your analysis of National Public Radio?

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