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Family & Relationships


Take an object of negligible value and attach a great-great-grandparent to it and you have an article of infinite value -- in some cases.  On the things we hold dear, and the things that lose their luster between generations.


Sometimes they’re no fun and they hurt someone, but other times they protect us from things that might wound us.  A secret spilled can be a relief or it can be a tragedy.  On secrets kept and shared.

I Love My Place

For some, the relationship to the places where they live is characterized by fidelity, not unlike a marriage relationship.  What does it mean to love our places in sickness and in health, for better or worse, ‘til death do us part?


Some have examined the life of Jesus and noticed the ways in which he offered belonging before belief.  What does it mean to belong to something -- or not to belong?  What institutions are doing belonging well?

Comfort Food

As the snow flies, there’s nothing quite like…what?  What comes to mind for you when you think about “comfort food?”  No matter what climate we live in, food has the power to warm more than just our stomachs.  A collection of stories and recipes.


Privacy has become more and more of a public conversation with the creeping influence of technology in our lives, but it has always been an issue that communities have had to negotiate.  On how we approach privacy, from digital to analog.


The old saying claims that “winners never quit,” but sometimes they do: they quit jobs to pursue dreams or downward mobility, they quit destructive physical or emotional or economic habits.  Stories of quitting to win -- or meaning to.  Soon.


Stories, art, traditions, transitions, family, friends, enemies -- many things in our lives provoke strong feelings, for better or worse.  What’s good and what’s complicated about being creatures who experience emotions?


‘Tis the season to consider how our celebrations reflect our deepest values...or not.  As we head into the holiday season, contributors share their stories about how they celebrate various occasions, from the big ones like Thanksgiving and Christmas, to the smaller ones, like International Talk Like a Pirate Day. 


Who needs to slave over a hot stove in August when you can buy a jar of pickles for $1.00 at Aldi?  And yet, many people choose to do things the hard way for a variety of reasons.  Is there an inherent virtue in making or growing things instead of buying them ready-made?