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Family & Relationships

Let's Get Together 9

Celebrating nine years of publishing catapult magazine with our annual issue on the gift of community.

My Generation

When The Who sang about their generation, it was in the midst of a major cultural shift, though the sense of tension between the young and the old(er) was nothing new. Who is your generation? Do you feel a sense of solidarity or alienation there?

Out of My Mind

Mental illness doesn't have the stigma that it did a century ago, but that doesn't necessarily lessen its impact on the lives of those who struggle with it personally or in relationship with others. Stories from within and outside of affected minds.


Music, films, photographs, paintings, poetry -- good art moves us, provokes a reaction. What works of art have moved you in your life? What works of art have motivated a change in behavior, either immediately or over time? Perspectives from the artist and the audience.

Babies Everywhere

Have you ever had a moment when you realize that about five or six people you know just announced that they’re having babies?  Depending on your own circumstances, such news might be pure joy or pure heartache.  On having—or not having—babies.    


Loving marginalized people is a nice theoretical idea from the comfort of our homes where we can decide whom to let in and whom to keep out. But what about working it out in messy, real-time relationships? What about when we make ourselves vulnerable...and suddenly find others depending on us?

Let’s Get Together 8

Celebrating eight years of publishing catapult magazine with our annual issue on the gift of community.

Summer Days

Remember the feeling of getting out of school when you were a kid: the complete freedom of endless days with nothing to do except play in the yard? What do you remember most clearly about those days? On our childhood memories, but also what we’d change about the priorities of our adult lives…if we could.

Going to the Chapel...Again

Two months after our issue about marriage and weddings, we’re re-visiting the topic to explore more specifically the unique aspects of getting married again -- planning another wedding, blending families, combining possessions, healing from past hurts.

Going to the Chapel

The earth is waking up, the birds are singing, people are falling in love and wedding plans are materializing. Throughout every human culture, wedding rituals have evolved, taken hold and then changed again. How can these ceremonies reflect our deepest values? Where are the key points of friction, change and creativity today?