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Family & Relationships

Borders & Fences

Beginning to think about all of the visible and invisible boundaries that surround us can make one feel downright claustrophobic. Is freedom discovered in crossing or obeying boundaries? How do we know when to tear down fences and when to build them?


‘Tis the season for family gatherings. For some of us, these times are comfortable homecomings we anticipate with joy. For others, these times are dreaded obligations filled with misunderstandings and occasional explosions. What contributes to your sense of (dis)harmony in your family?

Best Friends

A dog, a first grade pal, a soul mate encountered last week—best friends come in all shapes, sizes and species. Some of us find them everywhere we go, while others struggle their whole lives to cultivate deep friendships. On the seemingly innate need for a number two.

Subversive Love

Don’t fall in love in a time of war. Don’t fall in love with someone of the same gender or a different race or another generation. Don’t love your kids too much. We internalize so many messages about love—romantic, platonic or otherwise—and yet it breaks through in astonishing ways, whether we invite it in or not.


At some point in everyone’s life, space needs to be rearranged. Spouses, children, housemates, siblings and aging parents all require us to rethink our rooms, both literally and figuratively. How can we navigate such transitions well? What happens when we don’t?

Changing Minds

Ever held tenaciously to a belief that, over time, became less important to you, or even changed altogether?  That change may have been very public, very painful or hardly even noticed.  On the virtues, excesses and means of changing minds.

Family Planning

We call it “family planning,” even though much of what happens in starting and cultivating a family could rightly be called a surprise, pleasant or otherwise.  On the principles and experiences of such efforts.

Keeping House

According to Wendell Berry, home economics is defined as “the ways of human housekeeping, the ways by which the human household is situated within the household of nature.”  From the time we’re children, we act out our instinct for keeping house and as we do, our decisions can affirm or betray what we confess to be our deepest values.