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Vol 5, Num 1 :: 2006.01.13 — 2006.01.26


Top Ten re: wrestling

Top Ten Wrestlers Who Never Wore the Belt of Truth in the Christian Wrestling Federation, Due, Possibly, to the Lack of Imprecation in their Chosen Wrestling Names

  1. The Wounded Prophet
  2. The Crippled Beggar
  3. The Witch of Endor
  4. The Angel of Life
  5. The Passover Lamb
  6. The Scarlet Cloth
  7. The Circumcised
  8. The Good Samaritan
  9. The Kinsman Redeemer
  10. Nard

Top Ten Least Successful Wrestling Moves Employed by the Above

  1. The Flying Scroll

  2. The Flow of Blood

  3. The Mound of Wheat

  4. The Resounding Gong

  5. The Gentle Rebuke

  6. The Love Feast

  7. The Useless Vine

  8. The Threshing Floor

  9. The Slanderous Accusation

  10. Forgiveness

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