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catapult magazine

Vol 5, Num 1 :: 2006.01.13 — 2006.01.26


Top Ten re: sounds

My Top Ten Favorite Sounds

  1. The surf of Lake Michigan as I fall asleep.
  2. The creaking of floorboards and quiet talking in the next room as I wake
  3. The silence at 5AM when there has been a fresh snowfall.
  4. My wife’s laughter.
  5. Irish music, the simpler the better, floating on the breeze from just
    over the next hill.
  6. Voices I trust telling me everything is going to be okay.
  7. The sound rabbits don’t make, but would if they could.
  8. The sound of onions frying.
  9. The sound of my first daughter’s heartbeat.
  10. The sound of my second daughter’s heartbeat.

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