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The old saying claims that “winners never quit,” but sometimes they do: they quit jobs to pursue dreams or downward mobility, they quit destructive physical or emotional or economic habits.  Stories of quitting to win -- or meaning to.  Soon.

Raising Money

Many good ideas are free, but others cost something to get going—a building, a speaker’s fee, a packet of seeds, a campaign ad, a staff salary—and there are a plethora of models out there for how to gather resources.  What can fundraising look like at its best (and also, perhaps, its worst)?

(In)Efficiency 2

The Industrial Revolution may have given us a gazillion useful objects, but it also radically re-shaped our expectations about human purpose and the use of time.  When has efficiency improved your life in a meaningful way?  When has inefficiency been the better way?


In one metaphorical image, life could be seen as climbing a series of hills, some smaller and some larger, each one bringing a sense of accomplishment. Checking experiences off the list can bring a sense of celebration or remorse or a mixed up combination. Stories of reaching (or not reaching) the peak.


With the sparkle of holiday lights come constant appeals to our consumer instincts, from both for-profit and non-profit institutions alike. Each one is telling a story and want us to be a part of it. What’s good about branding? Where has it gone wrong?

A Job to Do

The resurrection of Jesus is good news, and it’s also a whistle sounding: get to work! Some Christian traditions emphasize “spiritual” duties like saving souls, while others earn their paychecks (or volunteer stipends) like the Kingdom depends on it. Is there a balance here? Where do these emphases come from and where do they lead?

Color Positive

One might say, “There are two kinds of people in the world: those who don’t ever have to consider the color of their skin and those who must consider the color of their skin every day.”  Stories about the pursuit of an anti-racist society.