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catapult magazine

Vol 9, Num 1 :: 2010.01.08 — 2010.01.21


Ten ways to spot Americans in Australia

  1. They get confused crossing the street.
  2. They work overtime.
  3. They rinse their hand-washed dishes with water to get rid of the soapsuds.
  4. They are repeatedly asked if they’re Canadians.
  5. They didn’t wear costumes for their 21st birthday parties.
  6. They are shocked to spend $4.50 for a liter of bottled water.
  7. There are napkins (aka serviettes) in their houses.
  8. They stubbornly refuse to use the word “reckon.”
  9. They are appalled to be given alcohol at work.
  10. They tip.

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