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Vol 2, Num 3 :: 2003.01.31 — 2003.02.13


Waiting for Madison

Part 10 of 12

“I’m still pinching myself,” says Madison, when asked what his plans are now that he’s out of prison.

Madison Hobley was arrested on January 6, 1987 for allegedly starting a fire that killed his wife, son, and five others. Next, he was beaten, handcuffed, suffocated, kicked, and drugged by Chicago police officers (including the notoriously brutal Cmdr. John Burge) before making a supposed confession that never actually appeared in court. When his case finally came to trial four years later, Madison was convicted and sentenced to death on the basis of incredibly questionable evidence and testimonies. His lawyer later signed an affidavit stating that she did not represent him to the best of her ability.

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