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catapult magazine

Vol 2, Num 3 :: 2003.01.31 — 2003.02.13


Waiting for Madison

Part 4 of 12

We soon start hearing reports that Madison Hobley will be arriving in twenty, ten, five minutes. We learn to ignore those reports. In the meantime, we meet some interesting people, including a man I dub “The Preacher” before I learn his name is Muhammad. He stands in the foreground of the picture here, in the middle of one of his rants. A seemingly respected, but aging member of the community, Muhammad walks around proselytizing about how in order to change the system, we have to get into the system, like medicine affecting a sick body. With his hand on my husband’s arm at one point, he issues a sincere challenge to provide leadership for the next generation. We are unclear on the origin or intention of this challenge, but say thank you and hold the man’s gaze until he’s on to an new subject.

Unlike Muhammad’s vague statements, the people in the background of this picture are here for a clear purpose. They claim that they know of around 40 teen-agers who are currently in jail because they have been framed for crimes by corrupt police officers. They came to gain support for their cause. The accused teen-agers include the son of the man on the far right.

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