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catapult magazine

Vol 2, Num 3 :: 2003.01.31 — 2003.02.13


Waiting for Madison

Part 8 of 12

After the interview, the press representatives settle back into their chairs and Porter fades into the background as much as a man in a yellow suit can. He politely asks if he can get me anything and welcomes me to make myself at home. He chats with friends, including Ronald Jones pictured with him here. Jones was also pardoned from Death Row around the same time as Porter.

Another round of people arrives, but no former inmates yet. Apparently, Madison is “following the music.” A relative is serving as the mobile DJ and his arrival with a stereo and sound system foreshadows the event we are beginning to think will never occur. But the atmosphere is definitely filling with electric excitement. Someone appeals for money to cover the fried chicken and the DJ. The camera crew stands up. Heads turn every time the front door opens.

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