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Science & Technology

The birth of the universe is not the cause of the world

Concerning another kind of birth story: creation.


Company’s here!

Word play leads to serious food play when it comes to communion.

Roxxxy the Sex Robot

How what we believe shapes what we make and what we make shapes what we believe.


i can has internetz

On putting pop culture back into the hands of the populace.

Restoring the connection

A reflection on Psalm 22 and communication technology.


Do FarmVillains dream of analog sheep?

On the challenges of staying awake in a digital world.

Unexpected legacies

Learning about the toxic injustices left behind by the nuclear arms race.


The age of stinky books is upon us

Confessions of a recent convert to the e-reader.

Page turning and the illusion of permanence

A defense of the book and, above all, the living Word.


A kindled imagination

How a book loyalist came to appreciate the company of an e-reader.