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Sometimes they’re no fun and they hurt someone, but other times they protect us from things that might wound us.  A secret spilled can be a relief or it can be a tragedy.  On secrets kept and shared.


Trees play an important role in many of our most formative human tales, whether personal or communal, literal or symbolic, and they stand silently bearing witness to our present lives.  Where has your story intersected with a tree in a meaningful way?

Let's Get Together 11

Celebrating eleven years of publishing catapult magazine with our annual issue on the gift of community.


Bullying in schools is a hot topic these days, and justifiably so, but the realities of social hierarchy don’t end with high school graduation. What does it look like to stand with those who are socially, politically and economically marginalized at any age? What is the role of power and privilege in doing the right thing, from pre-school into adulthood?


Because dancing is what we should do, not only with our feet but also our thoughts, this topic is open to all sorts of perspectives on the meaning of dance and movement. catapult magazine invites creative and whimsical reflections on the body in motion.

The Acceleration of Time

It seems that with every generation comes developments that alter our understanding of time. Inventions like trains transformed our understanding of speed. Then came automobiles, planes, jets and rocket ships. Now we are living in a world of instant access, prompt connections, immediate information, and fast "food." How has living in this environment altered the way we think about time, for better or worse?


In one metaphorical image, life could be seen as climbing a series of hills, some smaller and some larger, each one bringing a sense of accomplishment. Checking experiences off the list can bring a sense of celebration or remorse or a mixed up combination. Stories of reaching (or not reaching) the peak.

Fast Food Nation

Many people and cultures throughout history have demonstrated willingness to privilege efficiency over other values like compassion, curiosity, beauty and stewardship. In what areas of our lives today is the “fast food” mentality most prevalent? What could convince us to slow down and savor the moment?

Getting Organized

The word “organizing” might conjure up the rearranging of an exploding closet into neat stacks and rows or the filing of a desk full of flying papers.  But it also refers to a group of people collaborating and strategizing to meet a specific goal.  This issue will contain stories, models and heroes for both kinds of organizing—and if we’re lucky, maybe even make some creative connections between the two.

Living on Less

Throughout much of the world, winter strips away many signs of life and calls us to remember that summer’s abundance does not exist all the time, everywhere, for all people.  By choice or by circumstance, some live on less all year round.  What does simplicity look like in your life?