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Beautiful death

A challenge to enjoy creation and accept what we cannot understand.


Preparations for the third annual ^camping is not optional event have begun

Now is the time to put in your two cents as far as time and location, and if you have no idea what we're talking about, read on!

Asterisk a-what?

A little background to explain what went into our decisions about why and how to conduct the First Annual Asterisk Awards.


The Church 2003

The institutionalized body of believers bears both signs that we've missed the mark and signs that there's a lot to be hopeful about.

And the winners are . . .

An opportunity to take note of an individual and an organization who have been influential in the past year, practically serving and helping others serve the God who is Lord of all of life.


A catapult FAQ

Answers to some basic questions you may have about this online magazine and an explanation of this unusual issue.

The feature feature

Isn't it about time we featured the feature?


About the articles

Answers to frequently asked questions about the articles, as well as links to a few that stand out from our 2002-2003 issues.

We need to talk

Online discussion board addresses longing for community.


Art on display

The temporarily defunct gallery needs some attention.