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Of mice and men

Author/illustrator's clever books are worth a stop in children's literature section of the bookstore.


Seduced by Destroyer

In Streethawk: A Seduction, Destroyer (led by Dan Bejar) has produced a work of vocal, musical, and lyrical genius.

From Smurfs to Sponge Bob

The author interviews a local mediaphile in order to better understand how cartoons have changed over the last twenty years, what we should look for in good cartoons, and how cartoons affect viewers.


Life's like an onion

As an animated film, Shrek defies the norms set by sweet and predictable Disney films.

The coyote's song

A folk tale explores the creation of the world and the Fall--but what does the Fall have to do with the coyote's song? Featuring collages created by Ryan Vande Kraats.


Ryan Adams' reign as the bummer king

Adams' new collection of songs, Demolition, puts him back on the road he started down with Heartbreaker.

A divine calling to deception

Louise Erdrich's new novel presents fully human characters who struggle to navigate the gray areas of life and find salvation in a contradictory world.


How to see dead people

A series of essays explores the role of the supernatural in stories and explains the nature of the mysterious Holy Spirit.