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*culture is not optional, the organization that publishes catapult magazine, was created to offer resources for the cultivation of a community of faith practice that is responsive, joyful and comprehensive.

The organization was launched in 2002 as a means of equipping Christians to live wholly faithful lives in witness of the mystery of God and the promised coming of the Kingdom of heaven. We live in an "in-between" time, in which God is revealed through Christ as present and victorious over all, but the Kingdom is not yet fully realized on earth. We are graciously received into the work of cultivating a society that evidences God in everything, from the smallest personal choices to the most influential institutions.

*cino operates on the premise that change happens through a complex network of relationships and so provides various means for forming these fruitful relationships, including catapult magazine, ^camping is not optional conferences and gatherings and the cultureVision curriculum.

catapult magazine originated in 2001 as a smattering of irregularly updated articles on the *culture is not optional homepage. In September 2002, the inaugural issue appeared and we have been publishing themed bi-weekly issues since then, with the exception of the annual August break. By 2003, the publication had discovered its name and moved from to

catapult magazine serves as a virtual gathering space for individuals from around the world who come to read articles, participate in the discussion board and reference back issues. New features and contributors are being introduced regularly as this valuable resource continues to grow.

*cino is a registered 501(c)3 organization that is funded primarily by donations, but also by issue sponsorships and book sales.