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Tuning In II

vol. 6, num. 5 :: 2007.03.09 — 2007.03.23

One of the most diverse and ancient art forms is music.  Demonstrating its centrality to human culture, we have car radios, home stereos, live performance outlets in every church and town, and conferences dedicated entirely to exploring its connection to life lived faithfully in God.  So what about faith and music?



The spirit in rock music

Pop and folk have their places, to be sure, but there's something different going on in rock 'n roll.


Sing along

On what a child's approach to music can teach us oldies.


Speaking in song

A fascination with Sacred Harp singing is more than just a cultural curiosity.

Late night thoughts on music in worship and ecumenism

Experiences as a supply pastor in many churches prompts reflection on two types of worship services.

Returning to the why of music

A journey comes full circle…or does it?


Hidden treasure

A review of the album Throwing Punches in the Dark by Matthew Perryman Jones

Metamorphic M&M's

On the mellifluous melancholy musical musings of Ray Lamontagne and The Wood Brothers.


In case you missed it the first time

Good worship

The worship debate is more complex than ?traditional vs. contemporary? music. What guidance do we have for meaningful worship?

What's next?

Life after college generates questions about a vision.

Poet of love, yearning and sadness

The exquisitely melancholy love songs of Leonard Cohen.

Weaving the web

Secular, Sacred or Both?

Kate Bowman Johnston reflects on the cultural tension faced by artists who are Christian.


Singing the Passion

Sue Russell writes about a Jewish chorist deals, not always harmoniously, with the Gospel of John.


Amie Street

A unique online digital music store.  New songs start out free and rise in price up to 98 cents based on the number of downloads.


daily asterisk

Even in a country you know by heart
its hard to go the same way twice
the life of the going changes.
The chances change and make a new way.
Any tree or stone or bird
can be the bud of a new direction. The
natural correction is to make intent
of accident. To get back before dark
is the art of going.

Wendell Berry
“Traveling at Home” from Traveling at Home

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