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Vol 7, Num 1 :: 2008.01.11 — 2008.01.25


Top ten signs you’re a backpacker

  1. You’ve sold books to a used bookstore to pay for your dinner.
  2. You don’t even flinch when your food falls on the ground—if you spent money on it, you’re eating it.
  3. Nescafe has become “not that bad.”
  4. You ask what day it is six times, and then you still don’t remember because your only frame of reference for the date is how many days you are from your next train.
  5. You wash and reuse plastic silverware.  And you treasure it like fine china.
  6. Your shirts that once were white aren’t, and your shirts that once weren’t white are.  (Say that five times fast!)
  7. Your t-shirts double as towels and pillows.
  8. Your daily diet consists primarily of bread and fruit.
  9. You find yourself collecting things like sugar (which has become the usual dessert), salt, and pepper packets and plastic bags from shopping…and you have actually said, “Ooo, that’s a great plastic bag.”
  10. You can make a best friend in one day, and you make a new one every week.

And some noteworthy runners-up…

  • Your answer to no clean bras is to not wear one.

  • You sneak your sheet out of the hostel to use at the beach.

  • You judge a meal on price, not quality.

  • You use a chunk of a sleeping pad as a back for an earring—and are thrilled at your  brilliance.

  • Packaged toast has become one of life’s little joys (partly because hostels give it away for free in the mornings).

  • You can count on one hand the number of times you’ve used shampoo in the last 3 months.  (Mostly only applicable to those with dreads)

  • You see a cucumber floating in the ocean, think about it less than half a second, and then snag it as a mid-day snack.

  • You catch up on news by reading Newsweek or the Economist while slowly sipping a Nescafe in bookstore cafes.  That way you don’t have to buy them.

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