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Vol 7, Num 1 :: 2008.01.11 — 2008.01.25


Ten things to do before I die

When I turned fifty, eight years ago now, I started a list of “25
Things to Do Before I Die.”  Fascinatingly, the very fact of
making the list seemed to facilitate items being accomplished, and in
the intervening years, I’ve been hot air ballooning, seen whales up
close, hiked in the Tetons, taken a long train journey, gone to Halifax
to see the site of the Mont Blanc explosion, and heard Nana Mouskouri
in concert, among other adventures and experiences.  So, from the
list, here are the reigning top ten!

  1. Take up residence in a small town in Italy for a month.
  2. Participate in a protest where I have a significant chance of being arrested.
  3. Sing in another musical before my voice gets too old.
  4. See an active volcano.
  5. See Jane Monheit and Michael Buble in concert.
  6. Go to an Olympics.
  7. Run with bulls in Pamplona for my 60th birthday.
  8. Dandle a grandchild on my knee.
  9. See Cirque du Soleil.
  10. Go on an extended sailing trip with the six old friends.



You may be 20, you may be 70, but as the Rev. Farris says, making a list might be the way to get things done. So what's on your list of things to do before you die? What things have you done that were on your list previously? 

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