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Vol 12, Num 1 :: 2013.01.04 — 2013.01.17


Near ... far!

One of my favorite Sesame Street sketches as a kid — heck, as a teen-ager and an adult, too — was Grover’s demonstration of near and far.  This bit of kiddie slapstick has been coming to mind often for me these days as our *cino gang has launched a fundraising campaign for our community development work on the ground here in Three Rivers.  Encouraging folks to come together across various boundaries has always been one of the themes of *cino’s work, and so it’s been fun to consider the many good reasons for people to support *cino from wherever they are and to see a diverse list of people and places taking shape as part of the Brick Campaign.

Ten good reasons to support *cino from nearby

  1. Because the Huss Project is actively seeking to preserve the stories of our community.
  2. Because Huss School plays an important role in local history.
  3. Because the Huss Project will continue the Huss property’s legacy of learning and community at 8th and Broadway.
  4. Because the community garden helps feed our neighbors.
  5. Because you want the kids in our community to have more spaces where they can experience love, sharing, joy, creativity and wonder.
  6. Because you want the parents in our community to have more opportunities to learn from each other.
  7. Because making art, reading poems and singing songs together grows our understanding and appreciation for each other.
  8. Because you want more spaces where the younger and older members of our community can connect.
  9. Because the Huss Project is already a place where everyone has gifts to share with others.

Ten good reasons to support *cino from afar

  1. Because we throw a big party for you every summer when you come visit.
  2. Because the Huss Project fosters learning and creativity for aspiring artists from throughout the region and the world.
  3. Because the intentional community in Three Rivers is part of a living, worldwide network of Christ-followers seeking faithful presence in their communities.
  4. Because *cino’s summer internships offer college students an opportunity to experience intentional community, offer their unique gifts to a rural city, and discover more about who they are becoming in a safe, challenging environment.
  5. Because *cino spring break trips challenge college students from many different communities to connect their spiritual disciplines with a commitment to their places through practices of silence, service, listening to neighbors’ stories and shared meals.
  6. Because you enjoy reading catapult magazine and want to support what the magazine’s work looks like on the ground in a particular place.
  7. Because you look forward to receiving the daily asterisk in your inbox each morning.
  8. Because *cino’s mission and core values resonate with the things that are important to you.
  9. Because you love it when people dream big dreams and risk spectacular failures.

And reason #10 for supporting *cino wherever you are:

Because the world needs more of this and this and this and …

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