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Vol 12, Num 1 :: 2013.01.04 — 2013.01.17


Curve ahead: Ten ways to slow down

I have to admit my resemblance to the older women mentioned in Titus — at least the age part, not necessarily the wisdom expected to come from such age and responsibility. As I reflected on that disparity, the solution to the conundrum came quite easily: slow down, for there are curves ahead, dangerous curves of opportunities lost and amazing curves of opportunities for joy. So as I look into the new year, here are ten ways I want to slow down:

  1. Don’t be quite so driven to do tasks.
  2. Listen better to God and to people.
  3. Read for the beauty and meaning of the Word and words, not just to finish the reading.
  4. Think about the Word and the words, not just as they are read or heard, but later, making time to be reflective.
  5. Experience this moment, rather than wishing it away in anticipation of future plans.
  6. Really learn something new: be immersed in the experience of learning, not just to get the new thing learned, but to savor the experience, all the steps of learning it.
  7. Look around my world and see who needs to be loved, whether practical loving or people I do not yet know.
  8. Consider what I have to give, out of my life experience, with God and other people…
  9. And slow down to think about who might benefit from the sharing…
  10. And how that sharing might take place.

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